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Temp Sensor Internal 2nd addon for FBHIC3

£15.00 Excluding VAT
£18.00 Including 20% VAT
Temp Sensor Internal 2nd addon for FBHIC3
Temp Sensor Internal 2nd addon for FBHIC3

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Temp Sensor Internal 2nd addon for FBHIC3

£15.00 Excluding VAT
£18.00 Including 20% VAT
Part Number: FBHIC32ndSensor
FBHIC3 Is activated by using the standard LandRover plip using its 3rd button when set to the 'Follow me home' function as seen in your hand book pages 35&36. It can also be controlled by SMS from your phone as well as with some smart phone SMS apps!
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Bell Auto Services is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new GSM&GPS Fuel Burning Heater Controller for the LR Discovery 3 and RRS 2.7L & 3.6L diesel model pre MY2010 models.

The FBHIC3 can also be fitted to the later Discovery 4 3.0L when the “Timed Climate” software option is activation is enabled on the car. Without Timed the climate software activated, the FBHIC3 will not work on Discovery 4.

Ideal for warming your engine on cold winter mornings while sat in the comfort of your house, no need to go outside and start your engine to defrost the car, this is especially handy if you have a Discovery 3 with faulty or failed heater plugs and wont start in cold temperatures.

BAS has listened to customers requests and produced a product that will externally start your fuel diesel burning heater already present in your car by using your Land rover plips standard 3rd button when its set to control the follow me home headlights or by sending an SMS. (sim card must be installed)

Start and or stop the heater by pressing the plip to flash activate the head lights for 5-10 seconds or by one of the many options we added for pre set timed starts on SMS.

FBHIC3 Features are:

• 3rd Land rover button for Start/Stop control.
• SMS Manual control.
• SMS Control via 3rd party SMS apps (until our own is released) EG.. Webasto Thermocall set to TC3 is one.
• Phone call with auto disconnect Start/Stop control.
• SMS controlled GPS tracking feeding back to you a google maps web link of your location with various levels of notification from none at all to every 60 seconds, or even more spaced apart (Biscuit Crumb Message Links) as far apart as every 60 mins should you wish.
• Automatic clearing of faults.
• Automatic retry start attempts for bad starting heaters.
• Automatic shut down on low battery voltage.
• Automatic FBH stop on engine start.
• Automatic engine start detection.
• External Temperature sensor giving you LOW & HI temp alerts on SMS should you wish. -30C to 100C range.
• Internal Temperature sensor (Purchased separately as an Add-on) for use inside the car.
• Various run modes, Immediate start, Departure time be ready @, Be ready to temp @, are the basics around that.
• Fuel pump prime on SMS.
• Combustion fan test on SMS.
• Water pump test on SMS.
• Clear faults manually on SMS.
• Diagnostic and statuses on SMS
• SMS message level/feedback response has customization options.
• Built in command and help menu by SMS the unit HE for help of which it then will reply with built in info and a link to command list.
• AUX1 GND output (Can be used to Trigger an external LED or relay ).
• AUX2 GND output trigger (Active for the last 1/4 of heater burn time).
• AUX 12V output trigger (Active when heater is burning).
• Externally wired Start/Stop switching option (Switch not included).
• Quad band GSM module with Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz making it compatible in nearly every country on any network with built in Jamming Detection with a GPS location accuracy or 2.5m CEP.
• Magnetic externally mounted dual GSM/GPS antenna helping with a good signal in the worst of signal areas.
• Automotive grade components used so can be fitted in the engine compartment/battery box -30 to +100C compatible.

Fitting a sim card:

1, Remove the two screws holding the end plate on shown.
2, GENTLY slide the cover open making sure not damage the Antenna cables.
3, Next gently slide out the main PCB exposing the sim card holder.
4, Slide the silver sim card lock to one side and lift it up to access the sim slot.
5, Insert your MICRO sim and close the sim card lock, re install the main PCB into the case and fasten the two end plate screws as shown in picture one above.

We have tested many PAYG sim cards on UK networks Vodaphone, EE and O2 which are the most commonly used successfully.  Other networks may also work.

NOTE: FBHIC3 DOES NOT support the Three network , please also be aware, understand and abide by any usage terms from your sim card provider.

Connecting the Antenna:

Connect the antenna cables to the main FBHIC3 module make sure to get them the right way around as seen in the picture above.

(The round magnetic antenna base can be mounted behind the front grill)

Connecting pin 2 to the heater:

Head light wire connection:

The connection made to Pin11 of the head light loom ‘Blue wire with pink trace’ should be done either with soldering as a spliced joint or with a Butt crimp connector making sure you T into the wire leaving the original wire connecting to the heat light….

GND & Power connections:

If preferred you can fit an additional 3 Amp fuse in the RED 12V Battery Power wire for added protection, or solder into the cars fuse box wiring utilizing the FBH original 5A fuse that is present.

Pair your phone to the FBHIC3:

After wiring and connecting the FBHIC3 to the car for the first time allow it to get GSM & GPS signal for at least 10 minutes before trying to send ANY SMS instructions or pairing commands to the unit.

The unit has 3 spaces for control phone numbers, T1, T2 & T3.
The (Master) number will be stored in T1 location by default.

Send an SMS to the FBHIC3 with the characters  HE  and wait for the unit to respond with standard help message main menu, this gives you SMS instruction help for use of the module.

Cmd:HE (Time Is Shown Here)
Help is available for:
Use HE xx for details.

After you get the above message reply in SMS your phone is now paired to the FBHIC3 location T1.

Complete FBHIC3 main wiring loom details:

Pin 1, Purple = AUX 1 (OPTIONAL USE, GND trigger for external LED or relay)
Pin 2, Yellow = Temp sensor B (OPTIONAL USE, Purchasable separately from BAS)
Pin 3, Grey = SW1 (OPTIONAL USE, Used to externally trigger the FBH start/stop by momentarily holding to GND for 2 seconds) Can be used for external switching.
Pin 4, White = Temp sensor A (Fitted as standard to monitor external temperature)
Pin 5, Orange = AUX 2 (OPTIONAL USE, Active for the last ¼ of the heaters run time)
Pin 6, Brown = 12V, 1Amp Power out (OPTIONAL USE, Active for the duration of heater running) Use for external relay triggering or visible LED.

Pin 11, Black with White Trace = Chassis GND
Pin 12, Green = Pin 2 of FBH heater, NOTE: if a Red wires is already present, REMOVE IT FIRST.
Pin 13, Red & Black trace = 12v Ignition sense (OPTIONAL USE, When connected improves engine running detection)
Pin 14, Blue = Head light sense (Connects to the head light LOW BEAM wire for FBH activation, trigger by making the lights come on for 5 seconds and then back off again using the Land Rover Button on the key.)
Pin 15, Red = 12V Main battery power (Should NOT be connected to auxiliary battery’s)

Minimum requirements for wiring installation:

Active sim card fitted with SMS credit balance
Red = 12V Main battery power
Black with White Trace = Chassis GND
Green = Pin 2 of FBH heater
Blue = Head light sense
GSM&GPS Antenna

FBHIC3 Will Fit:

Discovery 3 2.7L Webasto Thermo Top V Heater
Range Rover Sport 2.7L & 3.6L Webasto Thermo Top V Heaters
Discovery 4 Webasto Thermo Top V Heater up to MY2016 (Timed Climate by radio software activation on car must be already done)

NOTE: LHD cars may need to lengthen the wires to accommodate the battery on opposite side of the car.


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Country of origin for this product is United Kingdom

Will fit:

Discovery 3 2.7L Webasto Heater
RangeRover Sport 2.7L&3.6L Webasto Heater
Discovery 4 Webasto Heater upto MY2014 (Timed Climate by radio software activation on car must be already done)

The connection made to Pin11 of the head light loom ‘Blue wire with pink trace’ should be done either with soldering as a spliced joint or with a Butt crimp connector. Which ever method is used please ensure you make watertight the connection as not to encourage water ingress into the wiring.

This kit is primarily wired for RHD cars, due to the 12V Battery wire length LHD car users should modify the wire to extend it to the battery side of the LHD car.

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