Please note the following :

☻New ECU programming requires all 3 parts to be completed

☻Existing ECU programming requires only part 1 to be completed

☻See Help FAQ for other ECU related information

All information should be read and understood correctly before making programming to a new or existing ECU.

Should you have any quires please do not hesitate to contact us directly for help, see bottom Right of the page for LIVE CHAT or email us on the tech email address seen in the help section.

Defender 2.2 ECU Programming can be done in two different ways depending if the ECU is new or used. Please read all provided information and watch the provided help videos.

Part 1 is ONLY needed when installing new remap or swapping between tunes.
Parts 1
to 3 MUST be used when fitting new or exchange ECU’s.

Programming the car back to standard:

File name seen in the menu to use is called (STD+RECOVERY)
you can use this to make the car original power level again and time you wish.

When fitting a new ECU you need to program the main calibration shown in part 1, then move onto part 2 security coding and injector programming to complete the new installation..

Part 2 is NOT used again when just swapping tunes on an already fitted and working tuned ecu.

Text differences in the video:

(Renew Security ID)

changed to…

(Learn 10AS Security ID)

After you have completed programming of both parts 1 and parts 2 as part of your ECU fitting process its time to clear and reset all adaptations within the new ecu.

Part 3 is NOT used again when just swapping tunes on an already fitted and working tuned ecu.

NON DPF exhaust cars:

Cars that do not have a factory DPF fitted DO NOT need the two reset options shown.

The ECU performs self test diagnostic routines amongst other tests and checks and also stores fault codes in its memory, these fault codes and diagnostics functions can be accessed using the Land Rover level diagnostic tools and equipment. Should the ECU need to be replaced the new ECU would generally be supplied ‘blank’ and must be configured to the vehicle using a Land Rover level diagnostic equipment.

NOTE: The text shown in the application videos above may vary slightly due to app updates and minor aesthetic changes made within the app.