B-A-S Remaps custom engine vehicle remap and software service

Here at Bell Auto Services we have been developing and producing bespoke engine calibrations commonly known as a remap in York on our 4wd Rolling road dynometer for many years.

We use the most advanced programming tools and recalibration software available. We are able to reprogram, recalibrate and remap to the latest dealer software calibrations. This can be applied to most makes and models of car, light commercial vehicles, and also some of the larger tractors / agricultural vehicles.

We also offer custom bespoke remap software automotive repair solutions for many things including EGR, DTC, DPF we well as some funky bespoke engine calibration add-on functions like popcorn rev limiter, burbles activation, pops and bangs and flaps removal to name a few for many makes and models of car via our dealer network or via our software file service.

For a quote on a remap for your car please contact us by phone or by clicking Here