BAS BAS2 RRC Hardware Only Add-On Hardware only (Price Includes Software Licence)

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BAS2 RRC Hardware Only Add-On

£250.00 Excluding VAT
£300.00 Including 20% VAT
BAS2 RRC Hardware Only Add-On
BAS2 RRC Hardware Only Add-On
BAS2 RRC Hardware Only Add-On
BAS2 RRC Hardware Only Add-On
BAS2 RRC Hardware Only Add-On
BAS2 RRC Hardware Only Add-On
BAS2 RRC Hardware Only Add-On
BAS2 RRC Hardware Only Add-On
BAS2 RRC Hardware Only Add-On
BAS2 RRC Hardware Only Add-On
BAS2 RRC Hardware Only Add-On
BAS2 RRC Hardware Only Add-On

Home / Shop / BAS2 Remote Remap Controls

BAS2 RRC Hardware Only Add-On

£250.00 Excluding VAT
£300.00 Including 20% VAT
Part Number: BAS2HWOnly
Hardware only (Price Includes Software Licence)
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This is a Hardware ONLY add-on aimed mainly for existing BAS remap owners allowing them to upgrade to the very latest in Engine Diagnostic Remote Remap Technology.

NEW… We have now added the facility for this very same Hardware Addon to be use on the Discovery 3 2.7L TDV6 and Defender Puma 2.4TDCi that already have tuning from a non BAS provider assuming they are using the latest version engine calibration. More models getting added soon.

The tool can overwrite your engine control unit calibration, update your engine calibration software to the latest level and re apply the BAS Remap to your ECU.

This little tool boasts a wider range of diagnostic functionality and engine related features their is in ANY other remote device like it on the market! You simply can not get another tool like it anywhere with this level of capability and ease of use….

Apple iDevice & Android applications available for its control via the BAS2’s Bluetooth Smart enabled hardware.
PC & MAC application software for updating the BAS2 RRC tool and its firmware.
Diagnostic fault code reading and clear with worded text and snap shot data shown where present.
Live engine data logging with numerical and graphical views.
Save and export logs as PDF or CSV files.
Engine related service functions and resets.
Injector programming.
Puma Defender VCV programming.
Puma Defender Pilot correction learning.
Fuel pump resets.
Flash programming of the engine ecus latest calibration files.
Switch between Remap calibrations at your leisure.
Fitting of new and used engine control modules on some models.
As with anything BAS we have more to come and BAS are always…….. (Paving The Way!)

Currently BAS2 supported models are:

Defender Puma 2.4TDCi 2007-2011
Defender Puma 2.2TDCi 2012-2015
Discovery 3 L319 2.7L TDV6 pre 2009
Discovery 4 L319 2.7L TDV6 2010-2012
Discovery Sport L550 2.2L Diesel 2015-2016
RRS L320 2.7L TDV6 pre 2009
RRS L320 3.6L TDV8 pre 2009
RRS L494 5.0L SC 2014-2015
FFRR L322 3.6L TDV8 pre 2009
Freelander II L359 2.2L Diesel 2012> 150bhp & 190bhp
Evoque L538 2.2L Diesel 2012> 150bhp & 190bhp
New models worked on daily

You will be asked when ordering to provide us with information on where and when your BAS remap was originally installed, please provide us with as much information including the cars VIN/Chassis and registration numbers as you can to aid in a smooth remap transfer. (Tool Is Ordered To Vin)

NOTE. If any previous BAS remote tuning hardware was used on your car you should ALWAYS first return your car to original tuning level prior to using the BAS2 RRC.

As with all cars, BAS advise you follow a strict maintenance regime as advised by your car manufacturer, a correctly applied maintenance regime can make a difference to performance, reliability and in some cases economy.
We advise you use genuine brand Landrover parts for all your maintenance, changing the oil and filters on a more regular basis than scheduled can also help towards a longer lasting healthier running engine!
We insist on a up-rated performance intercooler for the Defender models to help maintain a cooler charge and air intake temperatures when cars are worked hard or for long periods. This is especially important when working at high engine rpm or road speeds and especially when used in hot country’s and climates. High exhaust gas temperatures and air intake temperatures can reduce the life of the engine and related components if low temperatures are not maintained.

Look after your car and it will look after you!

Warning – The fitting of any performance part or power upgrade may affect the vehicle warranty and/or alter the vehicle type approval. For more information please contact your local Land Rover dealer. We advise you to also inform your insurance company if fitting any none standard parts or power upgrades.

On checkout UK VAT will be added at the current UK rate of %20 where applicable for EU countries, VAT will be removed for non EU sales when you enter your address during the checkout process.

The tool BAS2 RRC will pair via bluetooth and be controlled by an Apple application available from the iTunes store, your Apple device must be seen as supported from the list below and be running firmware IOS 7.0 or above -iPad 3rd gen and up, -iPad Mini, -iPhone 4S and up, -iPod touch 5 and up. It also works with a medium to good quality Android device that has Bluetooth V4 or newer hardware built in. The BAS2 RRC will take its operational firmware, tuning files and any software updates via a Windows PC/MAC application provided.. The tool is an Engine ONLY tool, and only supports engine related functions like Fault codes read and clear, Live Data, ECU needed service resets, ECU Programming are just some of whats in its arsenal.