BAS2 RRC Remote Remap Control…

Paving The Way, Pushing the development envelope!

A tool that will allow you to…..
  • Remap your car by mail order without visiting BAS worskhops.
  • Use your Iphone or Android as its control system.
  • Get firmware and tuning updates using a PC or a MAC.
  • Make oil counter resets on your car.
  • Reset engine component adaptations values on your car.
  • Program injector codes where needed.
  • Shows you live data from the engine ecu, handy for fault finding.
  • Enable you to program the latest LR calibration files to your car.
  • Lets you read and clear fault codes and gives fault text description.
  • Program a new fuel pump VCV on a Puma 2.4TDCi.
  • Allow pilot correction and injector calibration resets on a Puma 2.4TDCi.
  • Gives you a means to program a NEW spare ecu to your Puma 2.2TDCi..
  • Allows you to buy & tune (when owned by same household) more than one car at a time.
  • Uses Bluetooth V4 and above to connect to your control Apple device.
  • A tool, that will no doubt beat on functionality for LandRover models all other remote tuning tools available on the market to-date.
Get ready, this will be worth waiting for and its not long now !